Dementia Caring Community Education Program & Workshop Calendar

Throughout the year, the community of New Town/College Gardens partners with the Mayo Clinic ADRC to offer community education programs on topics related to aging and memory, Alzheimer’s disease and AD-related disorders, caregiving, and community resources for dementia care.

New Town Memory Café

People with memory loss and their care partners may find it difficult or embarrassing to socialize, leading to isolation and reduced quality of life. Memory Cafés were developed to offer safe, relaxed, social environments where people with dementia and their loved ones can interact with others who are in a similar situation. New Town developed Jacksonville’s first Memory Café, hosted monthly at the Dallas Graham Public Library. Each month offers a different activity, such as music, dancing, arts & crafts, reminiscences, bingo night, etc. Attendees can come to participate in activities or simply socialize with others.

Dallas James Graham Public Library
2304 Myrtle Ave N