ADRC Research Discovery Opportunities

The Mayo Clinic Alzheimer’s Disease Research Center (ADRC) offers a number of discovery opportunities for African Americans. We are happy to discuss these opportunities with anyone who might be interested in volunteering for research. We are currently enrolling people in programs investigating normal aging, mild memory loss, and dementia due to Alzheimer’s disease (AD) or an AD-related disorder, such as Lewy Body disease (DLB) or frontotemporal dementia (FTD).

If you are eligible to enroll in an ADRC study* and agree to participate, you will be asked to provide a small blood sample. You may be offered an evaluation of your memory and thinking skills, and have a brief physical examination performed by a neurologist. You may also qualify to have imaging studies that provide pictures of brain structures and functions. All evaluations performed as part of an ADRC study are provided free of charge.

If you who qualify to participate in an ADRC study, you will have an opportunity to discuss all aspects of the study in detail with an ADRC staff member before deciding if the study is right for you. All of your questions will be answered and you will be given a copy of the papers describing the study to keep in case you have questions later. Note that even if you qualify for a study you are under no obligation to participate. If you enter a study and decide it is not right for you, you may withdraw your consent at any time without impacting your current or future care at Mayo Clinic.


  • Contact us to hear more about our discovery opportunities.

*Unfortunately, not everyone who would like to participate in a discovery program will be eligible, but we can offer referral information to anyone who would like to have their symptoms evaluated further. We can also take your contact information and notify you when other discovery opportunities arise.